Frequently asked questions

I registered in the registration system, but I do not see myself in the list of participants. How long does it take to update the list?

The list of registered participants is updated once every two weeks. If you do not see yourself on the list after this period again, please contact us!

In 2021, the 66K and 160K Routes were reversed and started in the opposite direction. Will this be the case in the next edition in 2022?

The tracks will be in the same configuration again. The Start will be on the central square in the town of Bansko and therefore the competitors of 66K and 160K will head in the direction of Banderitsa hut.

The rules of the race say that we need to have two light sources and compass. Could the compass and second source be on the phone?

Yes. The second light source and the compass can be from a mobile device.

How many people will be admitted to the Start of Pirin Extreme 38K in 2022?

As written in the Rules of the Competition, 300 people will be admitted, 30 of them will be elite competitors.

Are there age groups and if so what are they?

From 2022 we add a new age group. In each distance of the competition (38 km, 66 km and 160 km) the age categories will be two - Men / Women and Men over 45 / Women over 45.